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Romance dating sims

The “meganekko,” or glasses-wearing-girl is a common trope in Japanese video games and anime.There’s something about a pair of specs that gives a character that slightly serious yet vulnerable appeal."It was just really typical and heteronormative and incredibly boring.I started saying 'these are stupid and no one should play them' and she said 'they're really popular, though, and you can't tell people not to play a game that they like just because you think it's stupid.'" So instead she decided to make a better one.Who knew a dating game could teach kids social resilience, conflict resolution and self-confidence?"People treat romance [fiction] with a great deal of disrespect," she said.

The rights of LGBTQ students are still being fought for across the country, whether it's push back against Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in Ontario and Saskatchewan or a Catholic Bishop in Calgary calling a transgender student rights bill "totalitarian." But these high-level battles are being fought among grown-ups.

"It's very small in comparison to, say, curing cancer but teaching teenagers to respect each other in a way that's healthy is probably pretty good for them," she said.

"Long Story" was an instant hit when it launched in the spring of 2014, clocking 10,000 downloads in its first two months.

Influenced by the tragedies of Rehteah Parsons in Nova Scotia and Amanda Todd in B.

C., Verburg started working on a progressive dating sim that could incorporate anti-bullying, social anxiety and boundary setting as a means of helping teens make it through high school.


  1. May 31, 2016. Finally, a dating sim for people who are attracted only to inanimate objects. The point of this game is to romance a disembodied pair of specs!

  2. In recent years, there have been many Role Playing Games that incorporate dating sim elements. These dating sim elements are often referred to as Romance.

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