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Rockstar dating stories

I’ve heard you should never date a male athlete for the following reasons: he lacks commitment, carries around a huge ego, and is undoubtedly a player.Now I’m not saying these aren’t true (for some)—because they are.

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Mercury's background - his family are Parsees, followers of the Zorastrian religion whose ancestors came from Persia - was never in the forefront as he sang in Queen.

But never give up because some relationships are just worth fighting for.

But in the background was a much more complex sense of identity, summed up by one picture: a black and white image of a baby called Farrokh Bulsara smiling in his pram, watched over by an African nanny in the gardens of the home in colonial Zanzibar where his Indian parents lived.

But also know when you need to step back and give him space.

Don’t baby him; just be there for him—like he should be for you.


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