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Robin quivers dating

Connor joined the Justice League for a time but eventually sought the peace of the ashram once more.

While there, he had visions which told him that his father was still alive.

After some years of being teamed with Green Lantern or appearing in back-up stories, in 1983 Green Arrow got his own mini-series for the first time.

It sold decently, but was not followed up until 1987.

From (at best) a "limousine liberal", Green Arrow became an outspoken champion of the poor and oppressed, as a cross between Robin Hood and Abbie Hoffman.

It was also around this time that Green Arrow became romantically linked to Black Canary - at that time an immigrant from Earth-Two.

Originally an Adventurer Archaeologist, Oliver Queen was an expert on Native Americans, who mastered the bow as part of his studies on ancient hunting techniques.

As part of its new "mature readers" line, DC gave writer/artist Mike Grell the chance to reinvent Green Arrow again in mini-series, followed by an ongoing series.

Some radical changes were made, moving GA from the fictional Star City to Seattle, discarding the trick arrows for the most part, removing Black Canary's sonic scream and generally avoiding the more comic-booky elements of The DCU.

Strangely enough the only thing that changed during this time period was Oliver and Roy's backgrounds.

Over the years, Oliver had devolved into a Rich Idiot with No Day Job and there was no explanation for how he had become the world's greatest archer or where Roy Harper acquired his training.


  1. The Emerald Archer. The Battling Bowman. The Modern Day Robin Hood. The Archer Superhero. Green Arrow was originally created by Mort Weisinger and George

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