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Scott Mortier, 12 Amazing Franchises, bad franchises, Bizcom Press, Catherine Monson Fastsigns, Dental Fix RX, Dr. John Hayes franchise expert, fake news, Farm Stores Franchising, FASTSIGNS franchise, franchise books, franchise fraud, franchise marketing, franchise scams, Joe Malmuth, Robert A.Spuck, Scott White, unhappy franchisee, United Franchise Group Dr.Do FASTSIGNS and Catherine Monson really have so few legitimate accomplishments that they need to pretend they were selected for Hayes’ book?Is it really worth the negative press they might get if it turns out they paid for the endorsement – but didn’t disclose it?John Hayes claims he’s an internationally respected franchise expert.He claims that he has identified the 12 most amazing franchise opportunities and written a book about them.It’s now clear that brochure copy is exactly what the franchisor-written chapters are.

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The target audience for the promotional pitch includes franchisors and other franchise sellers.

He claims that that book’s a best seller inspiring wildly enthusiastic positive reviews.

The world’s leading franchise expert and best-selling author couldn’t be lying his ass off… The public face of this venture is a book authored, supposedly, by Hayes entitled “12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities – Second Edition.” (The first edition was “12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities for 2015”) I did some digging into John Hayes & Biz Com’s publishing operation with the help of some cooperative inside sources. I would like to hear your honest opinion: Are these guys engaged in harmless puffery or are they, as I feel at this moment, borderline sociopaths running a fraud school? Please leave a comment below, or email me in confidence at Unhappy Franchisee[at]

S/o to @Biz Com PR So the franchise companies wrote their own chapters. In addition to the chapters supplied by the 12 amazing franchises, the book is padded with seemingly generic, possibly recycled articles like so many available for free on the Internet(“Is Franchising Right For You?

” “How to Investigate Before You Invest in a Franchise,” “How to Succeed With a Franchise Broker”). Franchisees will have to pay for automated coffee equipment, place them for free in participating offices, provide the coffee and “all consumables except fresh milk” and service each machine each week at no charge to the business.


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  3. Permalink. Thank you Sean for once again being one of the only people out there who has been willing to fight the dirty business practices and in many many cases down right thievery that goes on everyday in franchising.

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