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Realplayer keeps updating

; microsoft.support.content = (function(){ return { "click Tale Configuration": , "Internal Content Config": , "Mwf Configuration": , "Rps Sign In Info": , "Site Content Config": { "Link Farm Enabled": true, "One Site Service Uri": "https://uhf.microsoft.com//shell/xml/?Any background program that can transfer useage info to somewhere else is potentially threatening. Too bad Real doesn't offer a resolve for this issue Considering isn't a malware yet. You can even end the task manually The "realsched.exe" process has something to do with the Message Center on Real Player this process does not in any way affect Real Player processes It also won't consume significant amount of memory." It's nagware.How I got rid of it was go into "Task Manager" look for it in "Performance" and look for the "realsched" file, disabled that, went through my computer local disk C: real (The name of the file, for me) Shift Delete, Yes to all. I read the rest of what others had to offer on these comments, as well, so if that doesn't work try the other's and good luck. Realplayer is destroying its own reputation by poaching CPU time from millions of PCs. Real Player isn't even necessary at all, with the exception of a video link from a website that doesn't give WMP or Quick Time as another option. Then search through your registry for 2 locations of "realsched" (Type "regedit" after clicking on run in your Start Menu): The first will be a "(Default)" key, modify the key and erase the path; the second will be in the 'HKLM- Software- Microsoft- Windows- Current Version- Shared Dlls' folder. And lastly, open you "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\" delete "realsced.exe" is a CPU hog.

Checking for a new version yourself, and then downloading and updating manually, is certainly an option.

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real claims not to use the info in a bad way, but it is spying on you. I run older machines (P2s & P3s) and I notice that while it's not a trojan it is a resource hog. I found it in the C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\ALL USERS\DOCUMENTS\ is a program which schedules for manual update checks for Real Networks products. Disabling or enabling this is down to user preference however disabling may prevent notification of updates. When people say that thier CPU usage went up to 100% it was because it was updating, this programme wouldn't be the cause of continus maximum computer usage over a period of time.

You agree to it when you accept real player install agreement. I like realplayer to the point of having it as the only media player on my computer, but has to go. You can be disable it under "Tools- Preferences- Automatic Services"; just disable anything, especially under "Configure Message Center". there is absolutly NOTHING wrong with it, cept it being annoying... Have to use msconfig, clear cookies, and manually stop the process each time I want to listen to BBC radio on the internet.


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