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Read his body language dating

Best case scenario, he’s showing you that he’s happy to see you.A little of both will do when you are searching for male body language signs he really likes you.

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And if you get the thumbs up, there’s no doubt he’ll be tickled blue to hang out with you sometime.There are men that are going to pull back or flinch when you brush past them or touch them.If a guy is uncertain of a girl, this is exactly what he’ll do.The only time he will turn away from you is because he’s leaving.Funny how you can catch a man staring at you and when you do, he’ll quickly look away.This is a huge step in the right direction when you are looking for signs a guy likes you.If he’s making a conscious effort to put his phone away when you’re around, that’s telling you that you have his undivided attention. When a guy is acting a little rowdy with his friends and suddenly backs off when you walk by, so he doesn’t freak you out, this is a nice sign he likes you.If you watch closely, you’ll see he will try and show off whenever he knows you are paying attention to him.He does this because he simply wants you to lock your eyes on him. Men aren’t usually aware of this but when a girl they like enters the room, they will literally straighten up.When a man notices how good you look, he’s going to say something.He might comment on your dress or hair or he might just nod and smile.


  1. If you're dating and having a difficult time reading the signals, here are some things to look for in a guy's body language to see if he's interested in you.

  2. Jun 13, 2017. Knowing how to read your date's body language signals will help you. Remember, however, to relax and enjoy the experience, and don't.

  3. Jul 5, 2013. Is he sitting by himself simply because his date is late? But when the eye contact. Read this excerpt of Superflirt by Tracey Cox and learn how to decode any guy's body language with ease. Legend has it that men make the.

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