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Radiometric dating activity answers

See Genesis and catastrophe: The Flood as the major biblical cataclysm.Part of this creation is the animal kingdom, so this must also have suffered, and the fossil record is stark testimony to that.But Dr Ross absurdly claimed ( further tries to justify applying ‘death’ to plants in the biblical sense.Somehow he thinks that if he can prove that plants die in the same sense as animals, then he will have undermined the creationist case against animal death before the Fall.Indeed this is foundational to the Gospel (see Understanding death: Answering the question, “Why does God allow bad things to happen? But if millions of years are real, then the fossil record must predate sin.But fossils are the remains of dead creatures—therefore, millions of years entails that death predates sin, which in turn entails that death is not the result of sin.Isaiah 11:6–9 and prophecy that there will be a time in the future with no bloodshed in the animal kingdom.

This has the horrifying implication that the Aborigines are not human! God gave Adam dominion over creation, so when he fell, the whole creation suffered—see The (second) greatest catastrophe of all time. Another expert on commentator on Romans, New Testament scholar C. By describing creation’ subjection as ‘unwilling’ Paul maintains the personification of the previous verse.

Therefore, the fossil record must have come after the Fall, which rules out millions of years.

Instead, the globe-covering Flood of Noah’s time would explain many of the massive fossil deposits.

This is a real problem for Ross’s view, because according to dating methods he accepts, there are undoubted human fossils ‘older’ than his date for Adam. See Ethiopian ‘earliest humans’ find: A severe blow to the beliefs of Hugh Ross and similar ‘progressive creationist’ compromise views, about Ar ages on feldspar crystals from pumice clasts within a tuff in Member I below the hominid levels place an older limit of 198 ± 14 kyr (weighted mean age 196 ± 2 kyr) on the hominids. Our preferred estimate of the age of the Kibish hominids is 195 ± 5 kyr, making them the earliest well-dated anatomically modern humans yet described.

Omo I has always been viewed as thoroughly modern in appearance.


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  2. Embed an image that will launch the simulation when clicked. Learn about different types of radiometric dating, such as carbon dating. Understand how decay and half life work to enable radiometric dating.

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