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— Scientists have found out that test subjects almost always perceive the facial expression on Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting as happy, thus calling into question a long-held assumption in ...

White people are already one of the most desired demographics on most dating sites anyway.It’s a feeling akin to being looked over at a meat counter; it leaves me stunned that my skin can so quickly repel a person who didn’t even get to know me at all.My mind quickly translates race-based rejection into Your body isn’t worth loving.When people dismiss others solely on their race, they should at least begin being honest and calling their desire what it actually is.To deny a person based solely on racial and ethnic identity without even getting to know them, instead of giving their numerous non melanin-related aspects a chance, is racism – both on- and offline.It was after sending a picture of my face to another person on the internet.He immediately told me, “I don’t like black guys, sorry,” and then signed off.The stock response to someone questioning race-based dating tends to be “it’s just a preference”.It’s not a “preference”; it’s undoubtedly something the person using the phrase hasn’t tried.In short, evolutionary psychology is focused on how evolution has shaped the mind and behavior.Though applicable to any organism with a nervous system, most research in evolutionary psychology focuses on humans.


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