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R luke dubois dating map

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The project is an example of how Du Bois uses his unique ability to take huge datasets and leverage his computer science skill-set to extract insightful new points of view on culture, society and politics.

(that occurs every 10 years) Du Bois broadened the conceptual lenses of the census and added layers relating the emotional and mental state of the American people.

Du Bois holds a doctorate in music composition from Columbia University, and has lectured and taught worldwide on interactive sound and video performance.

He has collaborated on interactive performance, installation, and music production work with many artists and organizations and was the director of the Du Bois views his work as a journey in redefining the concept of human portraits using data.

To achieve this ambitious goal Du Bois used more than 19 million records of 21 different dating websites (such as and JDate).

Du Bois used the way people describe themselves to make two types of visualized analytics: The first was creating sentiment-based heat maps of the United States using the different adjectives scales people described themselves according (e.g., shy, sarcastic or sexy).

The noise and flash of the gun provides an alarm that is itself meant to alarm; the vitrine resembles a wishing well, only it represents wishes taken away, not granted.This timeline was then published in a format that artists and composers could use to make new works.During 2009, Du Bois created a string quartet version focusing on the casualty statistics of Americans and Iraqis involved or caught up in the conflict, and “sonifies” the data stream in six movements, compressing the six years of war into twenty-five minutes of musical time.These maps contain 20,262 unique words, based on the analysis of online dating profiles from 19,095,414 single Americans.shared his work and perception on data and arts in the Gov Lab offices.In a world flooded with endless stream of information, finding ways to reimagine commonly viewed and understood objects (like maps), can create new insights and push the audience to rethink the way they interact with information. Du Bois used the University of California’s American Presidency Project data of 220 years of President’s Annual Messages to Congress (better known as “the State of the Union Address”) and represented the most common words used by each of the Presidents in an eye test pattern format (known as “The Snellen Chart of optical acuity”).The result was 42 eye-tests charts representing a fascinating angle of presidential agendas, concerns and anxieties.In the below we delve into some of the examples Dubois shared during the talk, as well as the key takeaways from his diversity of projects.The medium chosen to visualize data adds another important layer to the message received.We can clearly see patterns of the ways people describe themselves as a function of their whereabouts.The road atlas, on the other hand, demonstrates how strongly embedded the abstract image of some locations can be – seeming to shape the way people feel about and accordingly describe themselves (evidenced by, for example, New York City’s label of “Now,” San Francisco’s “Gay,” Seattle’s “Heartbroken”).


  1. Nov 17, 2015. A musical score of "Hard Data," visual artist and composer R. Luke Dubois'. R. Luke Dubois in front of "A More Perfect Union," on display at the Zilkha Gallery at. Fla. replaces city names on a series of U. S. maps with the most common words mined from. The most common dating-site word in Hartford?

  2. Move and click your mouse over the map to see a detailed zoom. Images ©2011 R. Luke DuBois. All rights reserved. Artwork represented by bitforms gallery.

  3. May 2, 2016. Roger Luke DuBois is an American composer, programmer, new media artist, performer, record. artistic data visualizations, including the idea of taking online dating profile data from every zip code in. ted talk r luke dubois.

  4. Jun 5, 2017. R. Luke DuBois. The project is presented on a series of maps and the names of towns are replaced with the word that is used most. For example, Denver's most used words on dating sites include light, skiing, and Pepsi.

  5. Aug 10, 2015. R. Luke DuBois handles data like origami, transforming a mundane instrumental. from 19 million online dating profiles into an atlas of American love, and. Self-Portrait maps 20 years of the artist's personal and professional.

  6. Cette conversation entre R. Luke DuBois et Anne Collins Goodyear considère. graphs, maps, and pie charts partake of visual. their personal dating profiles?

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