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Qt widget not updating

I have run into an interesting problem with WT, I have solved it, but I do not understand WHY my solution solved the problem.

I've dug through WT documentation for the widgets and have come up empty handed so far, so maybe someone who knows more about WT can help me out here.

The main types are Indicates that the widget is a window, usually with a window system frame and a title bar, irrespective of whether the widget has a parent or not. raw:: html On Mac OS X, tool windows correspond to the Floating class of windows.

Note that it is not possible to unset this flag if the widget does not have a parent. A tool window is often a small window with a smaller than usual title bar and decoration, typically used for collections of tool buttons. This means that the window lives on a level above normal windows; it impossible to put a normal window on top of it.

Anyway, the problem is with a WCombo Box widget in a boost thread not updating it's data when clicked on and having it's selection changed.

I created a boost thread in a class Without changing the initial selection of the combo box, the above code always enters the foo if statement, which is expected.

If a window always on the bottom has a parent, the parent will also be left on the bottom.

This window hint is currently not implemented for Mac OS X.

The default Qt format, which includes the day and month name, the day number in the month, and the year in full.

See Do not check whether the image contains non-opaque pixels.

Use this if you know that the image is semi-transparent and you want to avoid the overhead of checking the pixels in the image until a non-opaque pixel is found, or if you want the pixmap to retain an alpha channel for some other reason.


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