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This verification filters out ID theft and false IDs. It demonstrates a basic KYC/Biometrics signup process that can be easily integrated using our webhook/API.

Ocular is leveraging its relationships with financial institutions to provide a way for Ocular to be used for personal and business activities at merchants around the world.

All these businesses are marketplaces where the company is a platform between two fragmented parties.

For eg, in recruitment, it sits between employers and employees and in real estate it sits between buyers and sellers, etc.

The platform leverages cryptographic security mechanisms employed in distributed ledger technologies to ensure that data cannot be tampered with, while allowing users full control over how their data is stored and shared.

The system is user-friendly for applicants while adhering to strict AML policy guidelines.

The system is already live, working in multiple countries and integrates through an API with many of the major point of sales systems.

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In addition to Ocular, we can connect validated companies with merchants to accept their payment solutions.While it is the established leader in online recruitment, the other verticals, especially real estate are still small and have lots of potential.In addition to these verticals, the company also has minority investments in some other consumer/Internet businesses like policy bazaar, merit nation, etc.Customer Acquisition (Sign-up) Companies have trouble following regulations and processing customers quickly. The companies must grind through a stack of regulations, or worse, ignore them altogether.System Solutions to Market Challenges - Automatic and instant checks are conducted on OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control), Interpol, PEP (Politically Exposed Persons), and other criminal databases to confirm an applicant’s eligibility.This will reduce the time and cost it normally takes to purchase OR sell cryptocurrencies and each party – the exchange and the customer – are fully vetted by Ocular’s KYC and AML system.Our partners are integrating an international payment system that can be accepted by merchants worldwide.The wallet will also feature international shopping options such as purchase of real estate, automobiles, tickets and many other products and services at reduced rates.Cryptocurrencies will also be available in the wallet.Following is a summary of some of the services offered by various services providers that are part of the continuously growing Ocular ecosystem.The native Ocular token OCULAR is integrated into each service to not only work as a settlement layer but will also greatly reduce fees or be given as rewards for based on usage.


  1. Rank, Country, MARKET VALUE OF PUBLICLY TRADED SHARES, Date of Information. 1, United States, $25,070,000,000,000, 31 December 2015 est.

  2. IAC NASDAQ IAC is a leading media and Internet company composed of. are part of Match Group's online dating portfolio, HomeAdvisor and Angie's List. experts, marketers and analysts who are running a publicly-traded company.

  3. Jun 9, 2017. For proof that China is crazy about the internet, just look at the numbers. in China has given rise to a plethora of publicly traded internet companies. the broadcasting of live online games, live music shows, dating shows.

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