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Areas of the Romantic Garden and patios also display some architectural features that were part of the royal residence.The royal palace suffered heavy damage in the earthquake of 1755.Unlike most European castles it was not meant as a residence.It still retains eleven towers, the most outstanding being the Torre de Menagem (Tower of the Keep), Torre do Haver ou do Tombo(Tower of Riches or Trumbling Tower), Torre do Paço (Tower of the Palace), Torre da Cisterna (Tower of the Cistern) and the Torre de São Lourenço (Tower of St. Ruins of older structures and a cistern still remain in a second courtyard.Also found here is a small door on the northern wall called the Door of Treason which allowed secret messengers to enter or exit when needed. Jorge is now a place where you can enjoy our heritage, get to know a little about Lisboa’s History at the Permanent Exhibition, explore the traces of the Moorish neighbourhood dating back from the 11th century at the Archaeological Site, discover yet unseen sights over the city on the Camera Obscura, stroll across the gardens and the belvederes, take a break at the Café do Castelo, participate of the guided tours or other didactical activities, or simply be enchanted by music, theatre, dancing and the talk shops on heritage that liven up your days at this remarkable Monument in Lisboa.Open for visitation, the collection consists of objects found in the archaeological area (Archaeological Site) and provides an introduction to the various cultures and lifestyles from the 7th century B. to the 18th century which contributed to building modern-day Lisbon, with particular emphasis on the Moorish period from the 11th – 12th centuries. Jorge is the only remaining green space in Lisbon where the primary native species of Portuguese forest predominate.

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