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Protestant dating site ireland

One of the five is now in the cages of Long Kesh, the other four became blanket men in the H-Blocks.

Both of his parents, John, aged 74, a small hill farmer, and Mary Ann (whose maiden name was Gillespie) who died in April 1970 after a short illness, came from the Cappagh district, and the whole of their family – including Martin – were born into the white washed farmhouse perched precipitously on top of the thirty hilly acres of rough land that make up the Hurson farm.At least two teenagers were injured by the projectiles, including one teenager who was struck in the throat and had to be rushed to hospital.Earlier in the day, a sectarian parade by the anti-Catholic Orange Order passed was forced through the centre of Derry, an overwhelmingly nationalist city.There was high tension in the city centre as flute bands played sectarian tunes to cheers from loyalists.There was no organised protest and the parade had the support of two main nationalist parties, the Sinn Fein and the SDLP.Crowds of up to 200 were reported by 9pm as numbers swelled, and a burning barricade was set up on the Lecky Road flyover and on Fahan Street.The PSNI counted a total of 74 petrol bombs thrown, although few were seen to hit their target.IN THE early hours of Tuesday morning, November 9th, 1976, a series of British army and RUC swoops in the Cappagh district of Dungannon in East Tyrone led to the arrest from their homes, under Section 10 of the Emergency Provisions Act, of three young local men: Pat Joe O’Neill, Dermot Boyle and Peter Kane.Two days later, November 11th, in similar dawn swoops in the area, four other men, James Joseph Rafferty, Peter Nugent, Kevin O’Brien and Martin Hurson, were arrested from their homes.At least one bounced off a passing civilian van in an apparent attempt to hijack the vehicle.The PSNI also said it had fired four “baton rounds” and accused militant republicans of using the cover of rioting youths to mount attacks.


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  2. Names and records of persons buried in St. Canice's Burial Ground, in Finglas, Ireland, compiled by County Dublin Genealogical Volunteers.

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