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Project schedule updating

Such information serve as valuable input for steering the project in the right direction.

In this case, first, you have to make an important configuration. Select the baseline and click on the “Restore” button. You will see the baseline become a normal project which you can open and update easily. Khuong Do is a Project Planner in Civil Engineering, Transportation, and Oil & Gas Industry.

More commonly, scheduling is ineffectual because activities required to complete the work are absent from the schedule, it contains logic errors, overly optimistic duration estimates have been used, or detailed and timely schedule monitoring is lacking.

Even if these particular issues are remedied as work proceeds, the difficulty of determining schedule performance with any degree of accuracy persists.

After updating and finalizing the new baseline schedule, you need to convert it to a baseline again. He has worked as a Primavera Consultant Specialist since 2006 and willing to share his passion for Primavera through lots of Tips & Trick on his personal blog.

He holds a Civil Engineering degree and a Bachelor of Information Management System.


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