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I took a shower and sprayed 4 sprays on my shirt and my goodness this shit is strong. I have made this one of my signature scents along side my beloved beautiful. What’s pitiful is when you are a perfume addict such as myself, all you have too do is see perfume and most likely you end up in the perfume counter. He cuddles up into my sweater, breathes in, and lets out a loving sigh. It also works out because he wears Obsession for Men, so we smell great together when I choose this. I like scents to have a bit of a kick and this still does not disappoint.I think this is one of those perfumes that can easily over do. lol, I saw a bottle of Obsession edp sitting there I sprayed some on my arm and OMG was it’s gorgeous. :) Nowadays, no perfume (apart from Arabians) is made with natural animal secretions such as civet musk, (now is civetone). I got a partial bottle of this from my Mother, and turns out it is the old formulation. This is a slight dislike that turned into a big like for me. Middle stage is nice, cinnamon and civet but the amber cinnamon caramel after a few hours is the best. I love how you can smell an aura of sweetness around the person wearing it. I may try Must de Cartier as its supposed to be similar but more decadent than this.When I get paid soon I will be buying another bottle. Warm cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, other spices, amber, and civet! I get sandalwood, cinnamon, and lime peels up front, then get vanilla, bitter orange, cedar, incense, and amber. Just smooooth sweet incense/syrup/vanilla/spices/cinnamon. I also smell something woody and slightly musky, but the vanilla dominates. Amazing for holidays, relaxing at home, winter nights out, dates, and sensual enough for personal moments :) Obsession was the first designer perfume I ever bought for myself. I currently have Four Vintage Bottles of Obsession, 1 being a .25oz of the Pure PARFUM in the Iconic "kidney bean" shaped bottle!! Almost from a Different Time, Like something CLEOPATRA would have bathed in to Seduce All her subjects or Even Further Back in Time...I went back too Kohl’s and bought my granddaughter the outfit that I forgot too get last nite. Obsession is such a sexy beast of a perfume I’m in love all over again. Good staying power and sillage, especially considering I'm using stuff that was open with no idea how it was stored. Spicy, sweet,warm,inviting, sensual and cosy scent. This could easily be the scent hor holidays and christmas! I haven't owned a bottle in years and recently picked one up. The opening is green and mossy and then the spices and smokiness start to develop. Plus 1 EDP and the Other Two SUPER Vintage "Cologne Spray" bottles with the Built In Sprayer... All The Way To EVE herself In The Garden of EDEN scented in the Fruit, Flowers, Incense and Spices of EDEN!

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Some people may wear a statement necklace or have a statement handbag. The opening is really powerful, and then after it dries down, a sweetness and powdery vanilla show up. I wear this sometimes in honor of her, or when I want to evoke something romantic or special. So when I got my first job and salary this was the first perfume I ever bought and I still wear this besides other brands. Every spray still brings me back to my past and the face of that friend whom I'm never seen for 17 years! A couple of sprays in the air and a walk thru' the lingering fragrance is all you need with this powerful oriental fragrance.

The vintage is far more unisex-leaning, more masculine than feminine for sure.

It is rougher with sharp edges while the new version is smoother and more sumptuous. I felt like I was full leathers in a saddle in the hot sun.

All I could smell on her and in her car was this scent.

It was very strong but it was also a comforting scent.


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