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Poker tracker error updating database Chat with hot girls withot log in

** IMPORTANT INFO FOR USERS WITH COMPUTERS THAT HAVE NVIDIA VIDEO DRIVERS ** These NVidia video drivers can cause conflicts with Poker Tracker that actually cause the program to freeze and use up 100% CPU.If your PC used these drivers, right-click on your Desktop and disable the "NVidia Desktop Manager" and see if this helps the problem you are having.Hi, I already wrote 3 time on my pt account about this and still no answer. Since I updated pt4 to version 4.11 it does not import properly. hi, i played 36 games same thing happend, hud disappears and doesnt show the right number of games in reports.At 20 tables it sptops showing hud as well, but shows hud at 13 tables. it might be even worse now since evrey time a press refress button it shows different resulst like number of tournaments firs 22 then 18 then 32 the 16 now it stayed at 16. Btw, here is my ticket number: Support Ticket #152361 im gonna sent pt logs via pt web page.Before you uninstall, please read this guide carefully and remember to back up your database before you begin.

Typically the end result will be rebuilding your cache but there may be other steps that we take as well to improve your experience.

We check to make sure there is backwards compatibility for the previous release only, so for example we cannot guarantee database update compatibility if you upgrade from 4.5 to 4.11.

When that occurs, its best to just start with a new database and then import all of your old hand data.

Hi guys, as you probably noticed there is a huge update for PT4 out since today.

After download and installing now my database is updating... unfortunately there is no progresswindow or something where i can see what progress i already made with this update...


  1. How to Manually Install or Reinstall PostgreSQL 9. completed without any errors then you must follow. a new database in PokerTracker 4 that.

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