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Plesk disk usage not updating

And the Joomla site just gives a message "could not connect to mysql".

But I repeat, the main problem is that I can't access my Plesk admin panel. How can I get back to what I had, a working VPS and working Plesk?

Next, get a break down of each root level folder’s usage. Notice the /var, /usr, and /root folders are the large root folders on this server.

The /var/www folder on this server holds most of the Web site content which can get fairly large depending on the type of sites hosted.

Change into those directories and run the following to drill-down into the folders.

The following will show the directory usage in block sizes of 1MB. This is a major problem on Plesk servers, as it is common to avoid setting restrictions thru the Plesk Administrative panel.

First, take a look at the overage usage/availability of space on the server using the following command.

Since then I can't access Plesk as https://net:8443, I'm getting various error messages or I'm refused connection altogether.

In the event that backups ran after a file was deleted or damaged, the original would be overwritten.

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The primary partition /dev/vzfs is using about 11G out of the 40G total allocation. If you have more than 75% used, I would consider trying to reduce usage.

Anything over 90% usage and you may experience server issues or even server failure.


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  2. I'm in the process of updating Plesk from 10.3.1 to the latest version 10.4 In the Plesk instructions it says I have to save an installer to my server's hard drive

  3. Symptoms Mailbox disk usage is shown incorrectly for a mailbox hosted on a Qmail Cluster and is not updated in real time. Troubleshooting OA collects the mailbox size per the steps below.

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