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Playstation 3 players met not updating

The Hub also featured an "Activity Board" and a "User Generated Content" events system.Surrounding the Hub were districts based on game genres to suit users' moods.The virtual E3 booth, slightly modified, returned the following year with previews of seven different games and the Play Station Vita, with virtual rewards for watching the videos as well as a demo of a new Play Station Home game, "Scribble Shooter".In addition, Sony's E3 press conference was streamed live in Play Station Home in a special virtual theatre, as well as other live interviews that occurred during the week of E3 2011.Home's primary forms of advertising included spaces themselves, video screens, posters, and mini-games.Home also featured many single and multiplayer mini-games, and hosted a variety of special events, some of which provided prizes to players.

New content ceased to be published after November 12, and users were given until December 3 to purchase content, after which, users could no longer purchase content.The E3 virtual booth returned the following year for E3 2013, once again featuring previews of multiple games, and a quest where players could earn a number of rewards.Play Station Home did not feature a virtual E3 booth in 2014.Users could travel throughout the Home world, which was frequently updated by Sony and its partners.Public spaces were made for display, entertainment, advertising, and networking.The E3 virtual booth returned again for E3 2012, this time featuring previews of 12 games as well as a virtual avatar of Christina Lee (host of PSN's Pulse) hosting a special E3 Quest for all 12 games with rewards.Finishing the quest granted access to the VIP section previewing upcoming Play Station Home games and content, including the upcoming massively multiplayer online racing game Mercia, as well as Hell Fire Games' upcoming Home Tycoon.On April 20, 2011, Home released version 1.50, which dramatically improved the physics and graphics engines.In November 2011, a new area known as the "Hub" was released, featuring a variety of games, including Cogs from Lazy 8 Studios.Below are the patch notes from the April 5th update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on Playstation 3.This list is inclusive of new updates in the patch and daily live updates that have happened since the previous patch.


  1. Mar 23, 2017. Team Fortress 2 for PS3 didn't receive any of the updates, patches, or additional. page and went out of our way to invite players we met in-game to our forum. "We brought over the PC rules, even though we had no way to.

  2. Nov 21, 2013. Sony recently released its PlayStation App in North America, three. an older PlayStation 3, or PlayStation Vita your account data should. When PS4 launched, it was flooded with users updating the. Find Player on PSN – search for users; Online – current friends online; Players Met – other users seen.

  3. Feb 15, 2012. On the PlayStation 3, however, it had issues for some players. Do Not Let Skyrim Overflow Your PS3. They're working on it PS3, gamers.

  4. Sep 13, 2016. With PlayStation 4 update 4.00 now available, Sony has released PlayStation App. You can now see Players Met on the Friends screen.

  5. Click here to submit a ticket regarding PlayStation 3 Update / Hot Fix Information. Addressed a rare issue where players who did not complete the optional "Collect. as a tooltip at the bottom of the screen if the player has met the criteria.

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