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Pigeon john is dating your sister album

And the slow and guitar based Mils beat has that PJ flavor we would expect. "Nothing Without You" is a love song to his wife and the music he makes.The self produced track uses an acoustic guitar to create a nice setting for a more serious Pigeon John to express his feelings. You have an array of eclectic styles and some big sounds, what influences your music?No kidding, some critics rank you amid the likes of Andre 3000. Now comes 3 remixes of tracks from "… Is Dating Your Sister" album: "Life Goes On," "Emily" and "Identity Crisis" are among the best tracks off that album, but the remixes kinda disappoint.They are not bad but none of them beats the original version. The beat is nice and the lyrics are good, and if you have heard the original you will know that Abstract Rude is on there and that his verse is dope, and done in a sing-songy way that blends in beautifully with the original beat.is set to include lyrics about his divorce from his former wife, Harmony. And I always felt so disconnected compared to life on tour.“It’s based on the years I was married and living in the [Los Angeles’ San Fernando] Valley, having the house and the wife and the cats and a glorious time,” Pigeon John says. “Some of the songs were almost a diary of things that were about to happen to me,” he continues. “Hip Hop is still beautiful and young and sharp and funny and disrespectful,” John says.

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Now don't get it twisted and expect that philosopher-turned-rapper type lyrics. This is like when your corny, geeky and kinda weird co-worker says something corny, geeky and kinda weird that actually makes sense.

So once again he proves that he is himself, nothing more nothing less.

And no, he is not the best singer in the world but he pulls it off.

“Going in a Pop direction was inevitable, I think, because of the way I was brought up, listening to ’80s Pop radio,” Pigeon John says.

“That, teamed up with the Hip Hop my brother was listening to, influenced where I’ve gone today, everything from Phil Collins, Depeche Mode, De La Soul, Madonna and the Beastie [Boys] to the [Boogie Down Productions] cassette I listened to on the way to school.” The genre-meshing on the album is accompanied by Pigeon John’s lyrics, which can become personal at times.


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