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11% were caught during their first affair after tying the knot, 12% during the second, and 21% during their third.

UK - June 30 - Illicit Encounters surveyed 1K adulterers and found that 63% had been caught out by their partners at some point in their marriage, with the majority getting caught after their third affair.

It's thought this is because on third affairs people tend to get more lax about covering their tracks.

39% of those surveyed were caught by a partner reading their phone messages, 22% by their partner reading emails, 20% thanks to lying about their whereabouts, 14% being spotted out with a lover, and 5% caught because a family friend ratted them out.

"Craigslist isn't the only one making changes since FOSTA's passage.

On Friday, the adult-ad forum City Vibes disappeared.

At press time, the subsections in Craiglist’s personals section, including the “strictly platonic” and basic dating services, now link to the company’s FOTSA statement.Hopefully we can bring them back some day.” FOSTA also imposed stronger penalties on those who “promote or facilitate the prostitution of another person,” as well as also punishing those “knowingly assisting” in sex trafficking.In addition to Craigslist’s closure, a handful of Reddit subreddits that provided similar services have also shut down, Ars Technica reports.Craigslist announced Friday that it removed personal ads – a popular, albeit potentially dangerous service – from its regional websites following the passage of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) in Congress. In 2010, an exposé detailed how Craigslist’s adult section was an epicenter of sex slavery. 1865, repealed a previous law that provided “legal protection to websites that unlawfully promote and facilitate prostitution and websites that facilitate traffickers in advertising the sale of unlawful sex acts with sex trafficking victims.” While Craigslist’s personal ads were often filled with legitimate postings and “casual encounters,” the website was scrutinized over the past decade for serving as a platform to sex trafficking.But as of Friday, the Craigslist personals section is no more.Consider it one of the first—but certainly not the last—casualties of new legislation passed by the Senate this week 97-2.And on Thursday, Reddit banned several sex-related subreddits, including r/Escorts, r/Male Escorts, and r/Sugar Daddy.Reddit said the purge was enforcing its new content policy, which bans "transactions for certain goods and services," including "paid services involving physical sexual contact." But frequenters of these subreddits say they were forums for sex-work news, tips, questions, and camaraderie, not places where sex workers advertised their services.The bill, euphemistically known as the "Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act," or FOSTA, was passed by the House of Representatives in late February.It's been largely portrayed by the media and those in Congress as an "anti-sex trafficking" measure.


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