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It was like having a dream that you couldn’t explain. 3 - How long does it take to start any particular writing project? It had a vision and articulation you couldn’t find in other types of writing. Most recently, after having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for about 4 years and the frequent hospitalizations, writing poetry brought me back to being able to express myself, to write myself into some kind of life.

7 – What do you see the current role of the writer being in larger culture? What do you think the role of the writer should be?All we ask is that you send us a copy of the recording—preferably in a CD-quality (or better) format—for our archives. The original recording is shown first, followed by all other known versions alphabetically by artist.The year indicated is that of the original release.The poem begins with what’s happening in my life at the moment.5 - Are public readings part of or counter to your creative process?Eventually, I hope to add columns for label, matrix number, and country of origin, as well as links to pictures, sound files, song lyrics, and places to purchase. Robert Anderson's 44 page chapbook The Hospital Poems has recently been published by Bookthug. I’ve always got a million things on my mind –whether poetry or art. I love taking courses with the Toronto New School of Writing because it gives me an audience. Are you an author of short pieces that end up combining into a larger project, or are you working on a "book" from the very beginning? That’s why I like my unpolished serial poem CODE 7.He is also an award winning art photographer who shown his work extensively in Toronto and has self published a collection of his art called The Other Side of There. The poems begin at Coffee Time with my handwriting them in a notebook.He is a volunteer archivist at The Psychiatric Survivors Archives of Toronto. How does your most recent work compare to your previous? I don’t think that’s really what you mean by the question, but I like to stay grounded.He also had the courage to follow his own direction in life.6 - Do you have any theoretical concerns behind your writing?


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