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Partition magic stuck on updating system

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So, here in this page, let's first take a look at what the exact problems are and how to get rid of the failure and retry installing KB3172985 with success.

"Mine also stuck at 47% for a long time, but eventually completed the download.

Every time the update runs it gives the following message: We found some issues. It shows Fix Issues button and after pressing it, it opens a new windows and during the Preparing for the Upgrade process it fails with the message: We couldn't update the system reservation partition.

I must point out that the current version of Windows is a clean install and the system partition was created by the Windows during installation process.

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If you cannot reboot your computer successfully, we suggest you use windows installation disc to repair your system at first.

Windows on my workstation has been updated recently to a new build...

In result of what I lost access to my 2nd partition.

Are you seeing issues while getting this July's cumulative update KB3172985?

There are reports across social media and tech forums telling us that downloading KB3172985 update takes much longer time than normal, with some freezing up and stuck at 46%, 47%, 72%, 99% in the download process. Just like the last month's Windows 10 cumulative update KB3163018 fails to install problem and those of the older ones, KB3172985 update makes no exception to the rule.


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