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Ouran highschool host club dating

Take Twilight, Vampire Knight and Ouran High School Host Club and mash them all together into one anime and this is what you get.

So the main protagonist gets into a house of vampires and allows them to sink their fangs into her?

She c ould've tried to escape when no one was watching, but she didn't.

This anime is terrible, even an annoying child's show is better than this.

I felt this is the worst anime I ever seen in my life.

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It goes way past hentai level and anyone who enjoys this are sick pedos.There's almost no polite except for "Boku meets people and has sex with them." There's no character development. And I stopped watching it after 3 episodes (I didn't watch episode 3 and 4, I just cut to episode 5 because someone said everyone wanted Makoto to be dead by episode 4).And after watching it, I have to avoid my eyes being hurt by the sex scenes.Overall, it's just about a useless character running around in a mansion getting harassed, while a bunch of brothers think she's either pitiful or worthless (which I ..I don't know why people like this anime.The main character is weak, the vampires are idiots, and half of those idiots are perverts. Yui should have took the chance to leave, but no, she had to be the idiot she is and say no.I stopped after I was 10 minutes through the first episode.This "anime" has a terrible plot and blows up breasts so that they practically fill the whole screen. And, last but not least, Pokemon was fun in some points, Bakugan never. Pokemon was okay as a kid but seeing transforming balls and playing cards combined is just such a disgrace to call an anime... The heck with balls that can transform DX This is the best show ever I no because I have all the cards and the bakugan I'm like a master I won every body in my school and my neighborhood I am a master and they have stuffed animals and action figures last thing I have the equipment I don't care what people say I even have my own group.I read the ending at the internet, and although it is satisfying because finally Makoto died, it's way too gruesome for my taste (Sekai is just too cruel).I think the first three episode is pretty nice, but finally, it's just a show filled with sex scenes.And Makoto is such a jerk, he deserved what he get for cheating on Kotonoha and screwing up with the other characters.He transformed the whole genre from cute/drama into ecchi/drama all into a sudden!


  1. Nov 16, 2017. Watch Ouran High School Host Club Episode 16, Operation Haruhi and Hikaru's First Date. on Crunchyroll. To teach his twin a lesson about.

  2. During the date, the Hosts play "The Stalking Game" with comedic flair. needs anyone else but the Host Club as friends and storms off, Kaoru trailing after.

  3. Aug 23, 2012. And what about the other Hosts? How're they going to react to all this? MoriHaru, Rated M for lemon OOC-ness Sequel to The Silent Watcher.

  4. Mar 30, 2018. The Ouran High School Host Club welcomes our lovely guests to Anime Matsuri! We invite you to join us for a chance to win a date with one of.

  5. Ouran High School Host Club is a manga series by Bisco Hatori, serialized in Hakusensha's LaLa magazine between the September 2002 and November 2010.

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