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Opinion on dating

Mind you, let's not forget that Facebook is under the covers already: for most Tinder users, Facebook is the gateway, and for anyone surfing porn without logging out of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is well aware of your kinks and perversions.

One of the shortcomings of online dating is the market mentality, where we're either flipping through a catalogue of faces or setting out with a shopping list, in search of a blue-eyed, left-leaning beekeeper.

That's when they decided to set off for Paris, Tenerife, and London together despite never having met and living on two different continents.

(Martinez is from Arizona and Anderson is from Norway.) The two are now a couple and have made their relationship You Tube official.

If the Cambridge Analytica scandal taught us anything, it's that Facebook knows more about us than even Black Mirror could have predicted.

While people's values around privacy may be changing — lots of us acknowledge that with free use comes a cost to privacy — there are nonetheless some valid apprehensions about inviting Big Data into our bedroom.

Once Mum and Grandpa mastered the site, the attention of the youngns' waned.

Recapturing — and retaining — that elusive youth market is a key concern.

Small lies, big lies, even hedging their bets across several sites at once, playing up different aspects of their personality on each.

"I think if you follow someone's work for a long time on Twitter or Instagram and have by this gained a good understanding of what fuels them, these sites can offer a lot more information about a person than conventional dating apps," Wood says.

It's often said that traveling with someone is the best way to get to know them.

Despite all the psycho-babble bunting offered by sites like e Harmony, all dating sites are reliant on algorithms: a computer spits out a series of people you're compatible with based on your input such as postcode, smoker status and the degree to which you've been saved by Jesus.

As it turns out, on-paper compatibility is not actually a very good determinant of relationship longevity.


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