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Online dating sites statistics

Over the course of 90 days, site visitors were sent an email about participating in a survey, which an independent third-party research company compiled into data.Respondents were polled about their sexuality, their use of preventative measures, their relationships, and sexual satisfaction.The answer, in short, depends on what you're looking for.When it comes to finding a relationship (rather than, say, casual sex), readers tend to use Bumble more than Tinder, though there is a gendered split—while 71% of women who use Bumble say they are using it to find relationships, only 48% of men say the same.Online dating is the second most popular way to meet partners for heterosexual couples and, by far, the most popular form of dating for homosexual partners.Sites like OKCupid, and Tinder, all owned by Inter Active Corp In the past, the study said, we largely relied on real-life social networks to meet our mates — friends of friends, colleagues, and neighbors — meaning we largely dated people like ourselves.Of couples who got together online, 5.9% broke up, versus 7.6% of those who met offline, the study found. Hall, associate professor of communications at the University of Kansas, previously told Market Watch.

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Being able to search by specific demographics and traits makes it easier to fall into what she calls the “Mc Donaldization” of dating, narrowing down potential partners and eliminating people different from us.

What’s more, online dating leads to could lead to happier couples, too.

“Our model predicts that, on average, marriages created when online dating becomes available last longer than those created in societies without this technology,” they wrote.

Perhaps one of the most significant ways smartphones have changed our lives is in the realm of dating and romance.

But the portion of users looking for a single scintillating night—or just a few minutes of distraction—rather than a long-term relationship, varies wildly according to the particular app, according to a new sex study of readers.


  1. Million people use online dating sites every month.**. 57% of college grads know someone who's online dating.***. Online Dating Statistic Sources.

  2. Sep 7, 2017. Over the course of 90 days, site visitors were sent an email about. According to Pew Research Center, attitudes towards online dating have been. a marketing and statistics professor at the University of Michigan who has.

  3. Oct 10, 2017. Dating websites have changed the way couples meet. Now evidence is emerging that this change is influencing levels of interracial marriage.

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