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Online dating referrers

Use this side of your website to display your most important information – for example your Value Proposition.This study found that the left side of the website received 69% of the viewing time – People spent more than twice as much time looking at the left side of the page as they did the right.People skim, and when you insert your important information into bullet points, there’s a bigger chance they will notice it while skimming the text.Notice that the F-pattern style does not hold true when browsing a picture-based web page, as is evident in this study.

Banner blindness happens when your visitor subconsciously or consciously ignores a part of your webpage because it looks like advertising.This study has found that people tend to read textual content in an F-shaped pattern. It means that people skim and that their main attention goes to the start of the text.They read the most important headlines and subheadlines, but only selectively read the larger parts of the text.Next, some findings: People do scroll, but their attention span is short – This study found that the visitor’s viewing time of the page decreases sharply when they go below the fold.In the study, visitors spent 80% of their time focusing on the content above the fold.This phenomenon has been around for a long time – We are bombarded daily by thousands of ads, so we have subconsciously learned to ignore advertising on websites.This also means that any block of text or images that may look like advertising will be ignored.You should also remember the recency effect, which states that the last thing a person sees will stay on their minds longer.Make sure to put some time into carefully crafting the endings of your pages.It will not inherently change the conclusion of the study, but it may alter the percentages a bit – When using a fluid layout on larger screens, the amount of content above the fold may increase.User attention will also decrease below the fold – the further your content is away from the header, the less attention your visitor has in reading it.


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