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Online dating open communication guidance gods design for dating

The Government's National Cyber Security Strategy (published in November 2016) defines them as follows: The majority of cyber criminals have relatively low skills levels, but their attacks are increasingly enabled by the growing online criminal marketplace, which provides easy access to sophisticated and bespoke tools and expertise, allowing these less skilled cybercriminals to exploit a wide range of vulnerabilities.The main forms of cyber-dependent crime are outlined below.

It is designed to provide a summary of the main types of cybercrime offending and highlight where further guidance is available and should be considered.

Offences under the Computer Misuse Act: There is jurisdiction to prosecute all CMA offences if there is "at least one significant link with the domestic jurisdiction" (England and Wales) in the circumstances of the case.

Further guidance can be found in the CPS legal guidance Computer Misuse Act 1990.

Either or both offences could apply in a 'hacking' case in which content was unlawfully intercepted through cyber-enabled means.

Prosecutors should consider whether to charge offences under RIPA instead of or in addition to CMA.


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