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The back artery that was not cleared in 2014 because I had a stroke probably needs cleaning.This is fortunately a simple procedure, usually out next day. Didn't yesterdays article use the existence of red flag laws to say "see!and ultimately build new senior friendships within our social community, right?If you take a look at our meet the team page you will see we are fortunate enough to have a dedicated team of chat room monitors.Raising the minimum age for all gun ownership to 21, currently the legal age for purchasi...As my regular readers and friends know, I travel a lot in my work.I am so glad that I live in a country with a spectacular health care system, in spite of the Obamacare blunder. As oddball of Guns Cars Tech says: "They're for AWBs, capacity limits, "red flag" laws, universal checks, smart guns, requiring FOIDs that require you to pass a test..."And yes that was written by their "Deputy Legal Director and Director of Center for Liberty"Center for Liberty eh? A Lack of gun control is why Civil Liberties are endangered"? Their position paper does try to parse which gun control laws might be problematic, and which are okay, though the analysis isn't exactly... Many of the options now being considered raise no civil liberties concerns.That includes bans on assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and bump stocks.

There was an evening like that not long ago when settling in and unpacking ...

It goes without saying that one of the most popular features to our website are our safe senior chat rooms.

Apart from being able to easily chat live to over 50's worldwide, the reason for their popularity is actually very simple...

You see, every profile created on SC is vetted for authenticity by a member of our admin team.

This means you can be sure that the people you chat with are here for the same reasons you are - to chat safely with over fifties from all around the world.


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