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So why did various mainstream media outlets describe a leaked email detailing wardrobe guidelines from the University of Southern California’s Alpha Chi Omega sorority chapter as "batshit," "crazy," and "authoritarian"?

While sorority life may evoke images of the The guidelines outlined by Alpha Chi Omega aren’t particularly scandalous—these emails, which are typical of virtually every sorority during recruitment, are little more than banal outlines of what outfits and nail polish prospects should wear during recruitment.

As a freshman visiting these "top houses" during the formal recruitment process, I felt like I was walking into a CW show.

The houses were gorgeous, the sisters were stunning and stick-thin, and their smiles shined brighter than that of Miss America.

” And suggests an answer: “Perhaps for lovers.”By the final page of the story, though, having gotten himself good and lost, that story’s lovesick protagonist reflects on the glittering, confusing world that now lies before him.

There are plenty of valid things to critique about Greek life, but what sorority women wear during recruitment—that’s a fairly innocuous topic.

Zeus, feeling a little bad about the situation, gave Tiresias the consolation prizes of prophecy and long life.

Hera might have been angry because Tiresias’ conclusion could be seen to confirm women’s susceptibility to pleasure and lack of control.”Pleasure is about a whole lot more than orgasms, to be sure.Some days have high-tech video presentations comparable to Hollywood productions.Each sorority has its own set of traditional greetings and farewells, too, most of which involve whisper-singing Top 40 songs of yore with the house’s name substituting the original lyrics.The recruitment process I’m referencing involves a meticulously planned week-long event that takes months to prepare.That includes the election every December of one young woman to serve as a sorority’s vice president of recruitment.To explore these questions, I consulted two dependable sources: modern science and Greek mythology.First, let’s look at the legend of Tiresias — the prophet who, as the result of an altercation with some magical snakes, was transformed into a woman for seven years.And yet this story is echoed anecdotally in the experiences of so many people that I know: We’re so often convinced that the person with the bigger smile is someone other than ourselves. This was the question that led me to get coffee with Helene Foley, a classics professor at Columbia and Barnard.“The Greeks believed that women’s bodies made them prone to instability,” she told me.Some time later, Zeus and Hera asked Tiresias to settle a dispute over the question of who had more pleasure during sex.When Tiresias replied that sex was nine times better for women than men, Hera was so enraged that she blinded him.


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