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" For the next five minutes or so, Sam and Alicia made small talk while they waited for Tommy to arrive.Alicia was just explaining about her husband's work when a sharp rap on the door stopped her in mid sentence while the young blond stud opened the door and entered the room."Just to show you that the photo wasn't doctored in any way," Sam offered, "I'll have Tommy expose himself so you know exactly what you're getting!!!

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Tommy started the shower and was soon soaping down his magnificent body under the needle like jets of water coming from the pulsating shower head!!!Gordon, I hope I can make your stay here memorable!!!" While shaking the young stud's hand, Alicia couldn't help but notice that incredible body the young man possessed, as he had just come from a volleyball game, and was wearing only gym shorts with no shirt, and his perfectly tanned torso was covered with a light coat of glistening sweat!!!and have him report to the administrator's office at once!!!"It shouldn't be too long, I think he's out playing volleyball with a few of his buddies down by the lake," Sam said smilingly, "if he meets with your approval, you can get started right away, we have a room already to go!!!7 of ou^o Savdrite ' afterward at the Sky Bar, which was almost as happening as the Pittsburgh ga\' bars in the show. Pamper yourself on the white sandy beaches gazing into the soothing turquoise water to recharge your mind, body, and spirit. A Featured in: Selected as one of: America's Top Physicians Consumers Research Council of America America's Best Dermatologists More magazine • Best Doctors in Town Los Angeles magazine Call for your free DVD and brochure 310-829-2005 Santa Monica r /) ^^^port Beach Oinkal Professor of Medicine • fallow, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Diplomale of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. —Kari Mozetu Harris Allond ond Michelle Clunia ot Queer as Folk "Actors' Stories are generally 'Me-me-me-me-me-me-nie- andhowfahuiousdo you think I am? Reserve your non-stop, round-trip airfare from Ontario to Los Cabos or Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta, deluxe hotel accommodations, round-trip ground transfers and tours today. Certified in Dermatologic Cosmetic Surgery Liposculpture* Laser Eyelid Surgery* Laser Facial Sculpture* Mini-Facelift* Botox • Restylane Ll tiian P 1 Le Saqe MIS fi UICB ' 436 N. E 1 5 Years Laser Experience Complete Dermatology Laser Center Light Sheer™ Diode Laser Hair Removal Ultra Pulse'for skin resurfacing of wrinkles & scars Medlite™ ND: YAG for removal of brown spots & tattoos Versa Pulse*for removal of spider veins & facial vessels Smoothbeam™ Laser: Noninvasive treatment of wrinkles & scars Medical MIcrodermabrasion/Parisian Peel* for brown spots, wrinkles & scars Harvard Medical School. " "Now, for the fun part," Sam continued, "take this book and thumb through it, it has the pictures and vital statistics for over thirty young men who basically fit the description you outlined in your application!!!" "The youngest is about nineteen and the oldest is twenty six, but they all have several things in common," Sam went on, "they all are well muscled and trim, with cocks that are at least eight inches long, so take your time, peruse the book, and then make your selection, and when you're ready, I'll buzz my secretary and have him brought here to the office so that you can see him in person!!!"Tommy," Sam said, "this is Alicia Gordon and she just picked your picture out of our book!!!" Tommy gave the middle aged housewife a quick once over, and then with an absolutely luminant smile, he extended his hand and said, "Very nice to meet you Mrs.


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