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I saw my ex-husband on there, which was horrific, but again that's a sign there is not enough people on there."Megan used Tinder twice before she ran out of potential matches in the city.And while recently in Hastings she got to the end of eligible people in less than five minutes.In London, he says the number of people on the apps is unlimited."You can play as long as you like and you won't get the same people twice."Whereas, in Auckland "you're guaranteed to see someone you know or several people you've matched with in the past. Dating expert Emily Mclean says while there are many perks to living in a small country, one of the downsides is there is a small number of people to choose from and date.Traffic estimate for is about 2,940 unique visits and 19,404 page views per day.Each unique visitor makes about 6.6 page views on average.Minifying Compacting HTML code, including any inline Java Script and CSS contained in it, can save many bytes of data and speed up download and parse times.

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After seeing the "exact same people over and over again" she found using more than one app a waste of time, so quit Bumble.

New Plymouth born Callum has used Tinder and Bumble on and off for the past five years while living in London and Auckland.

We're not a big country, there aren't that many people out there and even fewer people willing to use these apps because they have a certain reputation.

READ MORE: * I'm only attracted to women half my age * Why you didn't get a second date * Upside of being left on the shelf"You do have a really small pool to play with.


  1. Can register site now mobile optimised no matter what. nz nz.same said. free dating sites.

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