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Not dating anyone

But for the first time in my life, my toughness was given the ultimate test. I graduated high school early and I’ve lived on my own since a month after I turned 18.I carry copious amounts of pepper spray, I graduated college in the top 5% of my class.

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I’ve been waiting for the “right time” to come clean about my experience because I don’t like feeling like I have a secret because I don’t.

He knows my truck, my school, and where I hang out. He owns three guns and the court didn’t order him to surrender them since it technically wasn’t “domestic violence” as we never lived together.

Instead, he handed them over to a family member who he also happened to live with.

I couldn’t breathe; I frantically tried to remember what was below me, what I would land on if he was successful, and was fairly sure that it was gravel and an assortment of rocks. After further altercation within the apartment which was recorded in the background of the 911 call, he sprinted out of the apartment, across the parking lot, and climbed into his SUV that he had left running the entire time. He sped off at about 50 mph through the apartment complex. After the cops left and the other girl went to clean herself up, I walked out onto the balcony where everything had happened, sat down on the steps, and sobbed. In addition, the judge extended my protective order from the original one year to two years. His lack of remorse was obvious in his decision to immediately return to work as a teacher and coach without disclosing his charge after he was released on bail, in his decision to stare my family down in the courtroom, and in his family’s blatant and rude treatment of me in court.

I felt the railing start to give away against my left hip thinking that we were both going to go over if it snapped. Yes, he was so drunk that he couldn’t speak, but he drove. What makes his family’s behavior even more alarming is that a 911 call was found where the defendant’s father was allegedly drunk and allegedly beating the defendant’s mother demonstrating that this may be a family dynamic and learned behavior.


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