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The two kinds of Live Update client policies include Live Update Settings policies, and Live Update Content policies.The following table shows what each type of policy controls, and to what products each applies: See Choosing which content and which content revision to update on client computers for details.An Endpoint Protection Manager is still required to download and package content from Live Update, as well as for generating policy files.The only thing third-party management replaces is the transfer of policies and content to the Endpoint Protection client.For details, see Download files to update definitions for Endpoint Protection Manager.Note: The file only contains Virus and Spyware Protection definitions and does not provide updated content for the firewall or other features for Endpoint Protection clients.

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Therefore, the policy does not appear with other policies under locations in the console.The default TCP port number is 2967, a port that was used in Symantec Anti Virus 10.x and Symantec Client Security 3.x network communications.If your Group Update Provider computer receives IP addresses with DHCP, you should either assign a static IP address to the computer, or type the host name.For protection against the latest threats, it is important that antivirus definitions, IPS signatures, and other content is always up-to-date.The methods for configuring an environment's update architecture include: The default behavior and best practice in most cases is to configure sites to download updates from the Symantec Live Update server.In certain environments, you may want to download updates from an internal Live Update server rather than obtain updates from the Internet source servers.Live Update Administrator 2.x may be preferable in: If you configure sites on your network for replication from another site, you can configure content updates (for example, Virus and Spyware Definitions) in the database of the primary site to replicate as part of the database.In this case, you only need to configure updates on the primary site.If you choose to use product updates as well as content updates, you should not replicate product updates between sites because these updates can be quite large, and one exists for every language that you select.When you configure a site to download updates, one or more management servers download the updatesnd places the updates in the database.The Endpoint Protection Manager then uses these definitions to distribute updates to clients.


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