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Non jewish girl dating a jewish guy girls dating douche bags

Just btw, in all the instances I am aware of its been Christian men.

Do you think given the odds I would then say that its a Christian thing? When someone does something like that, I dont think it is characteristic of their religion, star sign, culture or nationality.

Reply to Yellow I didnt need to assume a thing, the facts speak for themselves.

Its 2005, the amount of orthodox Jewish men who need to please mommy and be a good "jew boy" are in the vast minority and I can assure you chances are they would not get involved with your neice in the first place.

What would be the point if theres no future together and an abundance of Jewish girls.

I don't think because one Jewish gay did this that every Jewish gay will do the same. Reply to Jules My niece was in the same situation as you.

She lived with her Jewish boyfriend for 6 years, fell pregnant and she hasn't seen him since.


  1. My Jewish Dating Problem I’d given up on finding a Jewish woman to marry—until the woman I fell in love with decided to convert

  2. Imgur user SmileyMo, whose name is Moshe, has a passionate debate with his Jewish aunt over text message once she found out he was dating a non-Jewish girl and he posted all of the texts.

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