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In San Francisco, one Osprey pair used “caution” tape to help build their nest! Look for the white head, white breast, dark eye patch, and hooked beak.

Flying overhead, their wings make a sharp M or W pattern rather than a gentle curve.

We owe an environmental debt to Ospreys: They were one of the bird species that showed us the dangers of DDT, a toxic pesticide common in the 1950s and 60s.

DDT washed into our waters and accumulated in fish and then in the Ospreys that ate them. Environmental Protection Agency helped Ospreys survive by banning DDT in 1972.

Ospreys build nests close to the water with materials such as sticks, moss, or seaweed.

They traditionally nest on dead tree snags, but when those are not available, they often nest on human structures such as light poles, cranes, or tall platforms.

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