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Mysql c updating result sets

For My SQL, go to and choose an appropriate mirror to get the newest My SQL version (v4.1.22). Now comes the long part, where the source code is actually compiled and then installed.Unpack the Source Code tar zxf php-4.4.6gz tar zxf apache_1.3.37gz tar zxf mysql-4.1.22gz This should leave you with the following directories: /usr/local/src/php-4.4.6 /usr/local/src/apache_1.3.37 /usr/local/src/mysql-4.1.22 Build and Install My SQL First, we create the group and user that "owns" My SQL. Plan to get some coffee or take a break while this step runs.(You will obviously not be able to use/rebuild a source RPM to get the compiler installed, as you need the compiler to build the final binary RPM!) On a Fedora system, you can do this command: su - root yum install gcc gcc-c Log in as (or plain FTP for that matter), you are transmitting your username, password, and all session information in "plain text".The main difference between the distributions is in the paths to the startup scripts. If you need an SSL-enabled server, I have a LAMP with SSL howto as well.I designed this document so you can just copy/paste each line or block of commands into your shell session and it will "just work" for you.You can use your distribution's install CDs to get the proper version of the compiler.

Paid support and assistance is always available however.

Building a LAMP Server by Bruce Timberlake Please note - these directions were originally written in 2002, and are not really relevant anymore.

I am leaving this content up here for historical purposes for now, but please don't use these directions at all if you are setting up a LAMP server.

cd /usr/local/src One way application source code is distributed is in what are known as "tarballs." The command to learn more about how to use this very flexible tool.

At the time of updating this, the current versions of all the components we'll use are: My SQL - 4.1.22 Apache - 1.3.37 PHP - 4.4.6 Please note: these are the only versions of these that I have set up myself, and verified these steps against.


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