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My teenage daughter dating loser

As a dad, we need to actively engage our sons and daughters around this topic and provide them a functioning model of what this looks like.

If we don't, the culture around them will set the tone.

It was also noted in this study that dads as well as moms had little influence when it came to who their children dated.

However, by God’s grace, there is a growing movement to raise our next generation of adults with a more God-focused model when it comes to pre-marriage relationships between the opposite sexes. Our public schools attempt to teach character development and reinforce “good” morals apart from any absolutes of right and wrong.In every God-honoring relationship, a primary objective should always be to build each other up in Christ (Ephesians ).Regardless of the dating outcome, each person is encouraged in their personal growth and relationship with God.Once we removed the Bible as the basis and/or standard of our conduct, we were left with the shifting sands of man's own wisdom. Senate prayer when he said, "...unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything." As a result, our young people of today embrace a worldview that is more secular than biblical and more me-centered than God-centered.In the process, we’ve lost our True North (God's Truth). This equates to a philosophy of life that looks to oneself or the “norms” of society to define what is acceptable and what is not-acceptable.In this way, it is always a win-win proposition with God’s glory being the ultimate goal.As a dad, I want to be a "sounding board" for my sons and daughters.Notice I did not say what is “right or wrong,” as the principles of right and wrong are no longer valid without absolute morals to establish their foundational basis, and our children get this point all too well.Our youth’s views on dating have just followed this same pathway.When it comes to the actual experience of dating, it is absolutely necessary that boundaries are defined up front.Any couple that thinks they can go the course of spending a considerable amount of time together, without definite parameters is setting themselves up for failure.


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