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My neighbor is intimidating me

It's not that "gluten celiac = cancer." Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition, where the gut attacks itself in responses to gluten.

Repeated exposure to gluten = constant autoimmune destruction, followed by constant healing, followed by destruction, etc.

Until I went to my gastroenterologist and, after attempting a few other medicines to treat the issue, he finally figured it out. This is true, my mother has some serious food allergies and this just becomes your new normal. Would this bother someone with severe allergies to handle the board? I always warn people anytime I show them a walnut piece that it's possible for a severe nut allergy to maybe be triggered but walnut wood, but I'm not sure if this is a thing?

Being on an immunosuppressive isn't very fun, especially since this cold I've had for over a week is slowly going away, but I'm happy with how my intestines have been resting so far. I ask every nurse before they put the blood pressure cuff on me, "Is this latex free? " I see you also prepared sausage, is there any way it could have come in contact with the cheese cubes" Its really just easier to bring your own snacks with the price of Epi Pens. I've read lots of "maybes" and "coulds" but haven't really seen any anecdotes. But idk if there's any information out there about this one.

I refused to pay anything and she said she was going to sue me in small claims if I didn't give her a check by January 1st. I accidentally deleted the post right after I posted it. Attorney from Pennsylvania here..this is just based on Pennsylvania law.

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She used her Epi Pen and called for an ambulance, since none of us could drive her as we were all drinking.Currently treating myself for something along those lines.My immune system is out of whack and has been trying to kill my intestines for the better part of a few years now.Does peanut oil being an unusual ingredient in the dish have anything to do with it? I have no legal experience, but if I truly owe her, then I will pay her just to avoid the hassle of going to court. I don't think she really has a case and would really just be wasting her time and money.If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't sweat about it.This cycling of inflammation and healing predisposes one to colon cancer.It isn't associated with every cancer (e.g., lung / breast / brain, etc.).Now if Express Scripts would get off their ass and send me the other half of my treatment I can get on to the road of being a lot better. "They said, "Oh, no, it's really new.""I didn't ask if it was new. I would file it under "wait and see" but most people with anaphylactic allergies aren't going to try something just to see if it causes a reaction bad enough to kill them.I would think if walnuts are the allergy, then walnut wood would have the same properties, because one is a seed and one is grown from the same a scientist, just did some googling, but I don't think they would have the same properties, people are allergic to the proteins in the nuts and while there are proteins in wood they aren't the same ones and only in very small amounts.And yet I still asked the person bringing me food if it was peanut free, at every meal, even if that same person had fed me before, and even though it was all over my chart in bright red letters.Just like I would at a restaurant or a family dinner.


  1. Question. I have a neighbour whos been constantly fighting with me since I have been opposing the unfair activities of the managing body of the apt cmplx where I stay.

  2. My next door neighbours laugh at me and my Autistic son and make very rude comments. Their eldest daughter constantly and deliberately blocks my driveway, as do all visitors to their house.

  3. Intimidation and Harassment by a Bad Neighbor We are being harassed by a neighbor who has lived here for almost a year. He is doing the textbook creepy and intimidating behavior.

  4. Why does my neighbour keep harassing me? It’s got to the point where I don’t go out. He’s harassing you and it’s extremely ­intimidating.

  5. What to do with threatening neighbors. She's troubled with signs of mental illness. "I really don't want to agitate her," the neighbor told me.

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