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My best friends are dating each other

You may start to feel like a third wheel when you all hang out together.What used to be normal hangs are now two people cuddling up and you chilling on the other side of the table.Sure, it's awkward AF, but try not to feel like a complete outcast.Obviously, it's easier said than done, but remember how you used to act before they became a couple.Well, when she told the group he wasn't invited, someone said, "Thank god, because I can't stand to be around him again."Why would she say that?Because that's what happens when your boyfriend and best friend hate each other. I mean, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha hating Mr. BFFs and BFs have a long history of sometimes being at war with each other.Pretty soon, the awkward third wheel feelings will go away, and you'll adjust to this new way of hanging.If you're not about the third wheel feels, invite another friend to join you.

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What does this mean now for relationship with your friends?

In the season premiere, we picked up with Nick and Jess and their fledgling, adorable, and sometimes deafening new relationship.

(Seriously, are these two not yelling at each other?

They both love and want the best for you in different ways, and sometimes, that can incite a lot of competition and jealousy.

If you're in the same boat, and your best friend and boyfriend hate each other, then you know some of these struggles all too well. But if your BFF and your partner hate each other, then those group hangs are really an option.


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