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I must particularly recognize Samantha Anderson, the project director for the review, who has led the design and implementation of the consultation process and the work on research and analysis, and has drafted large parts of this report.

She is a superb professional public servant and, in her role as director, has brought out the very best from a small and highly skilled team and worked alongside me in reaching out to a large number of stakeholders. There remains only to thank you, Minister, for the opportunity and privilege to do this work.

In all of the areas under consideration, I have made an effort to find a balance between the College’s mandate and interests, the interests of College stakeholders and the public interest.

The report recognizes the progress made by the College Board and its Registrar in challenging circumstances.

This is what the College and its stakeholders clearly want, and it is what the trades and the public deserve.

Several factors have contributed to the review and my ability to deliver this report and recommendations.

In addition, I had the opportunity to meet with the College’s Service and Motive Power Divisional Boards.

These discussions were positive and informative and helped guide my work.

Balancing modernization and stability within the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship system: The College has the opportunity to help modernize the apprenticeship and skilled trades system in Ontario.At the same time, my recommendations address some issues and elements of the College’s mandate that have attracted significant concerns and controversy.The recommendations are designed to put the College on a more solid footing, in order that it can better achieve its core mandate of improving training and apprenticeship and elevating the status of the trades. Both wrote instrumental, government-commissioned reports that led to the establishment of the Ontario College of Trades.Third, the College, your ministry and a broad range of trades, employers, trade unions, apprentices and training associations stepped forward and offered their best advice in this review, and I’m very grateful for this.The College, through its Chair, Board, Registrar and staff, is to be commended for embracing the review and providing seamless support to my work in parallel with maintaining its important work in serving its community.This, together with tensions between the College’s mandate as both advocate and regulator, has made the work interesting and challenging.It is my hope that the report will contribute in some way to a stronger, more viable and focused College of Trades, with better capacity to contribute to the economy and quality of life in Ontario.The issues are in some cases quite technical and also have a long and complex history involving deeply entrenched interests.At the outset of the review, opinions were somewhat polarized but, to the credit of stakeholders involved in the process, there has been some convergence of positions, at least in some areas.Reg.: Ontario Regulation OCTAA: Table of Contents / Top of Section In October 2014, the Ontario Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities appointed me to undertake a review of Issues Related to the Scopes of Practice and the Classification / Reclassification of Trades.My Terms of Reference directed me, in consultation with the Ontario College of Trades, to provide the minister with advice and recommendations on opportunities to clarify and improve the College’s policies, processes and/or criteria which support the objects and functions under OCTAA, including: This review has been a complex and sensitive undertaking.


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  5. The Dean Review. To support the success of the Ontario College of Trades, Ontario appointed former Secretary of Cabinet and head of the Ontario Public Service, Tony Dean, to review key areas of Ontario's skilled trades system within the mandate of the Ontario College of Trades.

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