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From recovered data from their Warp link, what is known is that the Invaders have traveled through space at sublight speeds and arrived in the Solar system centuries ago.

They took over 1,959 "cycles" to arrive in the solar system.

The Scrin are suspected to have been the ones who originally seeded Earth with Tiberium using a meteor, intending to harvest the mineral after it had reached a sufficient concentration by extracting it with Threshold Towers.

However, Kane tricked GDI into causing a premature liquid Tiberium explosion, luring the Scrin mining force to Earth.

Further research into the Scrin has allowed In Ops to learn that the Scrin have at least two sub-factions, in addition to the main faction that was most commonly seen on Earth during the Third Tiberium War.

Reaper-17 is a faction that focuses on armored tactics and better harvesting operations.

First verifiable contact with humanity in 2047, during the later stage of Third Tiberium War. In Ops believes primary goal was to harvest Tiberium deposits on Earth and transport them to their center of operations, called the Ichor Hub.

Base of Operations: Earth-based Operations believed to be coordinated from Scrin Mothership. Investigation hinted at a place known only as the "Ichor Hub". Little is known of the Scrin's actual physical appearance during the Third Tiberium War.

Calling Tiberium "Ichor", the Scrin have a dependence on the substance and will die if they do not receive Tiberium infusion or radiation from a Relay Node.Reaper-17 based a huge amount of their military strength on incorporarting Tiberium into their weapons and walkers.The Traveler-59 focus on speed and mind-control, this made them perfect for quick Tiberium extraction in areas.Military Strength: Earth-based forces (TWIII) consists of an alien harvesting fleet consisting of substantial military air and land power. From recovered intelligence briefings, the Scrin appear to be glowing illuminated insectoid figures.The Scrin possess far larger military forces elsewhere. Although presumed to be carrying out multiple planetary-scale Tiberium mining operations across interstellar space. Even then, it is unknown if these are truly representative of their physiology; if it is a representation, more likely than not that the recovered transmissions are in some form of holographic detail, hence the glowing.Most Scrin infantry are a sophisticated cross of biological and mechanical elements, almost insectoid in appearance.However, it is hard to determine if these are representations of the actual Scrin master race, or mere cyborg drones created for the purpose of combat.The Scrin appear to be dependent on Tiberium as a life source as seen at the end of the GDI campaign the Scrin died without Tiberium radiation.Little of the Scrin's society is known, excluding that like humanity, they are violent and resource-hungry, only considerably worse.It is believed that the Scrin hid themselves close to an asteroid somewhere beyond Neptune's orbit.What the aliens were waiting for was the radiation signal from a liquid Tiberium explosion.


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