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For one thing, there were tons of people on the ocean beach and a bunch of boats bobbing in the water just offshore. - Miss Winters bent the riding crop between her hands with a small smile.

Not far short of a yard of braided leather its tapered end carried a head an inch square. - It was raining and I was next door playing table tennis in Erica's basement.

- “Hi,” James smiled as he walked up to the woman at the front desk, “How you doing? They had spent many hours talking and really exploring their relationship and where it was going.

” The woman pushed back her long dark hair, her expression changing from one of boredom to one of slightly more inte... He had his own car too and drove me to a beach party a few miles out of town on the shore of lake Michigan. Some conversations had been had lying on the lawn under the warm s...

I had just got the fire started and was boiling water for my noodles and turned a...

- Jeannie who was fifty-four-years-old looked wide-eyed at Laura, her thirty-year-old step-daughter. I had headed back to my place and Klara and Khrystiana headed back to Khrys' place.

- Head Girl Joanne’s dilemma Pauline Margaret Manson had taught at my school for twelve years.

'Once again I come in here to find you've been taking things out of the cabinet and leaving them out. I’d just taken a bunch with the ‘Wicked One’, Hatch...I skidded agonisingly then with a delicate "crunch" came to a sto... ” Kate checked as she pulled open her intimates drawer as started to lay them out, “There’ll be no going back once I’ve transformed you.” Ka...- I don’t know how I ended up being a twenty-three year old virgin. - It was just beginning to become a dark and stormy night when the door to the hut creaked open and the girl strode in.Thirty-four-year-old Andrew met thirty-two-year-old Janet at the gym and they had got on well since. - The lift doors opened and Emma walked out into the office that she had run for the past three year.She was about to turn thirty-five and was a total career girl. - Kate and Emma were kneeling on the floor of their flat looking at the glass jar, both with a look of amazement on their faces.It was full of schoolgirls between sixteen and seven...- Jack Lake had been looking forward to the party for several days.- Tom woke up just before 7am after only a couple of hours sleep.He carefully extracted himself from Hannah’s cuddle and walked over to the bathroom.- Abbigail had been at the school for a few weeks now.She was sitting in Jack Lake's class knowing that even though she was the teenage school girl and Jack the adult teacher it was she who had given h... The thirty-four-year-old teacher had spotted the caretaker sneaking a look through the window to the girls changing room.


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