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Levin — who was a member of Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne’s transition team — has pleaded guilty to the making of written child pornography, possession of child pornography and counseling to commit sexual assault on a child.

He has not been charged with actually carrying out a sexual assault on a child.

Donahue was partway through reading a bombshell piece in the New York Times — about decades of sexual harassment claims against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein — when she couldn’t contain her outrage any longer.

“I felt what I think most women, especially, have felt — that exhausted, defeated feeling of when someone abuses power,” Donahue told The Washington Post.

Though she said her first experience with sexual harassment came before she was 17, reading about the Weinstein allegations brought to mind her very specific encounters with the shoulder-rubbing boss because they reflected the same power imbalance. “He was a man in power who used power to make me feel powerless but would dangle the carrot of professional achievement in my face.” Donahue said she felt lucky: When she reported her boss’s behavior, people believed her.

We remind the masses that “boys will be boys,” or worse: that real boys and men aren’t victims of harassment, abuse and assault themselves, pressured into silence at the hands of toxic masculinity that uses dangerous sexual norms to measure one’s worth. It thrives on what we decide is “normal,” reminding anyone who’s suffered at the hands of it that they did something wrong.

It permeates our politics, our entertainment, our walks to school, our job interviews, our families, our social circles.

We ask victims of harassment and assault what they were wearing before asking the perpetrator why they did it.

(The Washington Post typically does not identify victims of sexual violence; we have linked to the examples in this story because they were posted publicly on social media and widely shared.) Donahue’s original tweet has since been liked and retweeted thousands of times.

At some point, several people began sharing their encounters with sexual harassment in the workplace, seemingly prompted by the New York Times article, using the hashtag #My Harvey Weinstein. It was mostly me shouting into the abyss, and voices came back.” Since the Times report broke Thursday, Weinstein has said he would take an indefinite leave of absence from the Weinstein Company, which he co-founded.


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