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Max dating stories

You're the one who took it upon yourself to try and save the day. ""Good, because Cole asked me to be his girlfriend! " Max actually growled, rounding the bed and coming to stand a couple of paces in front of her.

"You're not gonna date him." He told her firmly, looking directly in her eyes.

Moving his mouth to her throat, placing bites down the lines of her neck.

One of his hands grabs at her wrists, his larger hand easily gathering both of her hands into one of his own, and he puts her arms over her head.

If only she was strong enough to say 'no', if only she didn't love him.

Just because they weren't on speaking terms, didn't mean she didn't care about his well-being.

Nowadays all he did was get into fights and go to parties, she kind of missed him. "Stop it." He told her, briefly glancing at her before continuing his silent glare at his hands."I need to calm you down." Phoebe protested raking her nails through his scalp an action she knew that relaxed him. " He stood up, openly glaring at her, anger resurfacing. " Max ran a frustrated hand through his hair, before sighing. You were protecting me, but that doesn't give you the right to go around punching everything as you please." Phoebe asked, a stubborn hand on her hip and a questioning arched eyebrow on her face, she stood, still frazzled by his previous outburst."Did you forget already?!

Phoebe sighed before sitting next to her angry brother and releasing his injured hand. " She softly asked once more, voice taking on a more concerned tone.

She slowly ran her hand up and down his back, trying to comfort him.


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