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Still, we can't help hoping they'll get back together! Are you surprised to hear about Sarah and Matt's split? But not super couple Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino, who profess to constantly being by each other’s sides.In fact, they’ve made a business out of it—the business of delivering dance punk music to the trendy masses as Matt & Kim.We got engaged at Disneyland at the wishing well next to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.Kim’s parents helped commandeer a Disney photographer while we were getting coffee on Main Street first thing in the morning.

Read on to learn more about Matt & Kim’s yet-to-be released third album and his take on Badu’s video, as well as Matt & Kim’s upcoming appearance at Bamboozle on May 2—clothing optional to continue. We still go back to Atlanta at the end of this month to work on mixing for a couple of weeks. They’re really hard to come up with, and album titles are really hard to come up with. Well, the producer we wanted to work with has a studio down there and everything. It’s a bit challenging having another creative mind in with Kim and I’s. What do you think about her interpretation of your idea? She was saying that she was a big fan, and this and that. [laughs] I don’t want anyone using them before I get a chance to! I can’t say right now, but that reminds me that I have to look again so I can make my schedule of who to go see. One of Kim’s friends (Althea) was dating a friend of mine, Kaleem (they are now married now as well).Kim’s friend Althea decided to invite her boyfriend, along with all of us to come hang out with them and help celebrate Kim’s birthday.We planned to meet at the castle and when we arrived, the photographer was waiting to “take family photos”.So we took some as a group and then a few as a couple when the photographer asked if anyone wanted to do any “magical photos”.You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy.Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.Kim & Matt are tying the knot in May of 2019, and I had the honor of capturing some engagement portraits for them a few weeks ago! We explored the gorgeous Hartwood Acres park including their castle like architectural structures.Not to mention it was an awesome time to shoot as the springtime flowers were in full bloom!We had a little trouble getting hold of you this week because you and Kim were bunkered up in the studio. But lyrically, it’s about—I realize that a big theme of it is about living your life right now. And there’s been a little back and forth and a little push and pull, but that can be helpful. Do you have a particular favorite track that fans should look out for? [laughs] But one I’m really feeling right now is one called ‘Cameras.’ I think it might be one of the early ones we release before the album comes out. She said she loved that video and she though of it as a starting point for people to, as she was saying, ‘take the walk.’ But I think, as me and her were discussing, it was just sort of something for a liberating kind of feeling and whatnot. So I’m not sure exactly where all of it stems from, but I will read up soon enough. I mean, we couldn’t get a permit to shoot a music video in Times Square, so we got a permit to shoot a web promo video. Catch Matt & Kim at the Bamboozle Festival at the Meadowlands in E. Was this for the new album that’s due out in September? We were out in Atlanta for the last seven weeks, I think. I’ll tell you, taking your clothes off, especially in Times Square— it’s just one of the most public places in the U. Yeah, it’s definitely liberating, and she was seeing it as we were the first, she was the second, and maybe others would follow. Her video sparked more controversy than Matt & Kim’s did. I’ve heard parts of controversy about just being naked in front of children and what not. But I think when people see you as a bigger artist, you get more and more responsibility. Speaking of the ‘Lessons Learned’ video, were those real cops at the end of it? Numerous cops came up, even when we were doing rehearsals. The description we gave was, “Two tourists walk through Times Square dressed inappropriately.” [laughs] It was the only description it was. But you guys aren’t strangers to controversial music videos.


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