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Married women dating mursboro

S., the late Extracts from Chinese Authors conceknino THE history of THE KUSHANS VAJESHANKAR GAURISHANKAR, BHAW- NAGAR Hvthasni Inscription of the AIeh^ra Chief Thepaka .... The disguised fhag rc- j ])li(‘d, as though he were a woman, tliat i she was a traveller who had broken her j journey there, and the person she nursed was , suffering from leprosy.

NUiirs Vla Vt.ndrapaia Har'ln '-Sara vat 15.5 loa^i •‘.1 Beneai A'latic Society's Plato of the uaja Vrixyakayal i . 13S ^ Manda-nr Iii" n’l^ttion of Kainara- i and Bandiiui arinan : the Maiava ' T3 and 529 ^ . 191 ' Alandd'Or Inscription of Ya-od Larnmn iniivardhana ; the M ilava year 5^9 222 , ALimla-or Pillar Inscription of Yas O- 253 ' Xo. The Biugalfur plite of Xa Pv \y^n ipala ^ Xote on the Ka-miri Port ible Brazier The Vi] lyanagara Genenlo'e-y ... E- nis An ‘r^'Tors Cli XXXII Dm E, HULTZSCH — Gwalior i Nscuip TDe N of Vtkr v^r A-SACiv AT 11 Gl. AOE IN THE Ja IN HARIVAMSA RELATING TO THE Guptas . Ti Four Good sisters Samanyacharana and Brihacharana . Lnda=^or Duplicate Pillar in^criptrjn of Ya-C'liiarniau ... f Journal of the Bombay Branch Royal Ashtta- Society . Gardner and Poole's Coins of the Greek :*'n 1 Scythic Kings of Bactria and India in tie , Indian Mu-eiim , . I., the Late Note's on the Early History of Pegu 317 K KEHATSEK. Or- derinor the litter to be carried towards the citv, he walked alongside of it, chamri in hand, ward- ing off the flies that sought to reach the gld and giil with which his companion was covered. He then dressed himself in woman’s clothes, and, adorning his person with rich jewels, transformed himself into a very good-looking young woman. The whole process is detaued m heghm U oj the JPau J'Xb. One of the ifiags covered his body with this composition, and the other got a litter and placed his be- smeared companion in it. On their inquiring of him the reason of his leaving the palace, he related in folklore i-, a ‘rova V snmo. They then left him, and, purchasing some g M and gul^ from the hcizdr, mixed them together.


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