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Mark driscoll dating sermon

Words cannot describe the ignorance, arrogance and flagrant homoeroticism of these sites.’ In his ‘I see things’ outburst, Driscoll gives a graphic account of a woman in his congregation committing adultery in a hotel room, describing the sex act in graphic detail.

Driscoll’s obsession with salacious sex is again brought into the open.

The Mars Hill Church website has provided hyperlinks to two pornographic websites, one of which deals with sex toys.

In her memo to leaders of The Gospel Coalition (2009), Cathy Mickels included this comment from Dr Judith Reisman (an expert on the flawed research and writings of Alfred Kinsey).

Although he is careful to say that sex is for marriage, and that homosexuality is wrong, his handling of sexual matters is sensuous and impure.

He encouraged men in his congregation to read the ‘Cosmo Girl’ magazine, and to listen to salacious sex talk radio programs (, page 131).

The Bible condemns the “unnatural” use of bodies between persons of the same-sex (Rom. Why would Christian couples emulate that unnatural use in the marital bed?

’‘I can think of a whole range of other pastoral problems that might be provoked by chapter 10.

Early in the chapter they provide a grid that they say can be used to answer any question of this nature and then simply pass each act through that grid.How the cause of Christ would be shamed by such a result! The Driscolls recommend purchasing them “from one of the more discreet Web sites” (p.But the Driscolls give little consideration to the potential consequences of making private pornography even though they admit that keeping such images private “can be nearly impossible” (p. 193), but this seems to me a precarious proposition., published January 2012, is highly significant for it confirms his position as a teacher of sexual licentiousness among God’s people.Consistent with his previous teaching, Driscoll writes, ‘Legally and biblically anal sex is permissible for a married couple as Scripture does not forbid it.’ Indeed, in , the Driscolls appear to delight in dealing with intimate and perverted sexual matters in a way that is contrary to Scripture.Is sexual holiness really upheld while engaging in cybersex with one’s spouse over the internet (p. Does anyone really think it wise for Christians to upload digital, sexual images of themselves to the internet even if it is only intended for a spouse?What if a third party were to intercept such an image and make it available to everyone with an internet connection?They find that each of these, and several others, are legitimate forms of sexual expression within marriage.’‘Another observation is that the book is graphic…Some of these acts are so intimate (perhaps invasive is also an appropriate word) that many readers will never have considered that they even exist.It was so clear it was like watching a film—something I cannot really explain but the kind of revelation I sometimes receive.’‘What the Driscolls deal with in this chapter [10], and what they deem biblical, are not only sex acts, but acts considered sexually deviant by many…The questions span self-stimulation to the use of sex toys and forms of cybersex.


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