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As soon as the former A list mostly movie actor from multiple big films who has seen his career slide to B list since a franchise ended, started talking about a male crush he had on a crew member, the crew member was fired.

Our actor has not worked with the clique in several years now, after working on multiple projects.

Murray and Hightower had finished in fifth place on the initial judges' leaderboard after receiving 24 out of 30 points for their salsa routine, but had finished in fourth place on the overall judges' leaderboard with 52 out of 60 points due to their dance team's stronger team dance score.

Rycroft and Dovolani had received only a 21 out of 30 score during the judges' scoring of their taped rehearsal performance -- which when combined with their team's 25 out of 30 score, had left them in last place on the overall judges' leaderboard with 46 out of 60 points.

:) An actor all of you know is spilling about his time with his clique that has pushed him out because of his sexuality.

Once you are in this little clique, you usually are in for life.

This little acting circle gets you lots and lots of work.

You have to bow down to the A list actor in charge of it all, and drop everything when he tells you to drop it, but you will get a lot of easy high paid work.

Chelsie -- who's been partnered with celebs like Michael Bolton, Romeo, and Jake Pavelka -- was at LAX last night when our photog asked her about "DWTS'" upcoming season ... But Chelsie dropped a bombshell (accidentally) and told our photog something she wasn't supposed to ...

"We're still on top of things, and I'm going to go back on tour and enjoy doing what I love and that's country music.

So thank you guys and thank you fans." winner Melissa Rycroft and her professional partner Tony Dovolani had finished last on Monday night's judges' leaderboard and were the other couple still in danger of elimination when Wicks and Hough's ouster was revealed, however co-host Samantha Harris had been careful to note that they were not necessarily the week's second-lowest ranked couple.

Rycroft and Dovolani had finished last on the judges' leaderboard due to a rib injury that had forced Rycroft to miss Monday night's performance show and resulted in the judges having to base their scores on footage of rehearsal performance that the couple had performed while rehearsing with the show's band on Monday morning.

Prior to Wicks and Hough's elimination, all three judges had reiterated their Monday night comments that Rycroft and Dovolani's scores would likely have been much higher if they hadn't been forced to base their scoring on the partial-strength rehearsal and stated that Wicks and Hough would be the ones going home if they had to choose between the two couples.


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