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Image updating is useful if you have dynamic graphs or perhaps a webcam. The main trick is appending a date string after the image file name to make sure the browser does not use a cached version of the image.

This is because you're getting a set of changes that bring your query snapshot current with the initial state of the query.

I see that apps like facebook for example are getting push notifications in real time.

When someone writes a message to me from a pc ill get the message to my android device as push notification just a second later even when my facebook app is not running.

This avoids you needing to 'poll' the db.

An initial call using the callback you provide creates a document snapshot immediately with the current contents of the single document.


  1. Yes, use Sync Adapter with GCM Google Cloud Messaging Read the tutorial i provided, you.

  2. Populating a List Control with the sorted contents of an. and be displayed in real-time as new. data is to be displayed in a control with the LVS_OWNERDATA.

  3. An example of using Virtual ListView in AHK. list and ; update the result in real time as the search. Hwndg_hMyListView +%LVS_OWNERDATA%, Name.

  4. Postgres is very good for real-time updates. There is a function that enables you to 'listen' to table updates. This dovetails nicely into an open websocket to the.

  5. Realtime Stream BETA. This feature is currently in beta mode, it can break or go away at any time. Initializing Powered by SteamWebPipes.

  6. Smooth, responsive, user interface - best practices. responsive, user interface - best practices. The most efficient way to redraw a window for real time.

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