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Just thinking about having a “DTR” makes my stomach churn. Most women probably don’t quite realize they hate them…after all are the ones most often initiating that kind of discussion – so why would they despise them?Men might think they are the only ones cringing when a girl wants to discuss exactly what their ‘relationship’ means. Well if you women think for a second- back in your dating history about the times when you’ve felt the need for a “DTR” you’ll realize it actually an unwanted conversation.• Ariana Grande recently defended herself against a viral tweet that claimed she caused her ex Mac Miller to spiral by breaking up with him.Ariana said that her relationship with Mac Miller was toxic.• Trolls countered that she was hypocritical because she jumped into a relationship with SNL’s Pete Davidson, who has been open about his mental illness and his BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) diagnose.Russell and Rhys have been both onscreen partners and real-life loves, dating since 2013 and sharing son Sam together.Happy days: ‘We met a very long time ago and I very drunkenly asked her for her number when she was a young single slip of a thing,’ he said in his British accent. It was in a parking lot after a kickball party’ The star also has two older children — Willa Lou, six, and River Russell, 10 — from her marriage to Shane Deary.

It also doesn’t mean that person makes a relationship toxic”.



She swathed her enviable figure in a couture skirt that boasted a see-through fabric hitting just above the ankle.

Her trademark brunette tresses were swept back in a messy ponytail allowing her youthful face to shine.


  1. The finale of their hit show The Americans has been branded 'one of the best scenes ever created on television'. So it is no wonder, Keri Russell and Matthew.

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